Terms and dates of submission projects


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For decades, Victory Day in our country is considered to be one of the most touching, soulful holidays and glorious date. No other holidays can compare with it.

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On April 25-26 “Zhas Tolgyn” competition took place in Almaty within the framework of the 5th republican “New generation is future of Kazakhstan” students’ festival. Festival is organized by the Foundation of the First President, Leader of nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this project is to involve students in the scientific field.

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Terms and dates of submission projects

 It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate in the VI-th International Festival of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering Schools of Eurasia that will take place from 7 to 10 September  2016 in Lefkoşa, North Cyprus.

The Festival will comprise:

-         Official opening ceremony of the VI-th International Festival of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering Schools of Eurasia (welcome speeches by distinguished guests, rectors, members of board of trustees of KazGASA);

-         International graduation project contest;

-         Presentation of the Professor of Han University (Netherlands) “Future and meaning of Architectural Discipline”;

-         Excursions around the historical  places and attractions;

-         Official closing ceremony of the VI-th Festival. Certificate Awarding Ceremony to the winners of the competition with the concert program by participants. Closing Speeches.

Location:  Near East University, Yakın Doğu Blv, Lefkoşa.

Participation Requirements:

·          Transport fees provided by participants on their own;

·          Accommodation and meal for one representative of the one university will be covered by quota (free).

Paper Submission:

For participation in the competition only graduation projects completed in 2016 (Bachelor and Master programs) with specialization in the field of “Architecture”, “Design”, “Civil Engineering”, “Production of Structural Materials, Products and Constructions” and “Technology of Wood Processing and Wood Products” are allowed. To comply with the rules of quantity there should be presented one project from 15 graduates of 2015-2016 academic years. Official Languages of the VI-th International Festival are Kazakh, Turkish, Russian and English. 

For participation in the International review-competition please send electronic version of the graduation projects including graphical part and explanatory note according to the requirements of Table № 1.   

 Applications for participation in the VI-th International review-competition (according to the Appendixes № 1, 2, 3) and the electronic materials of the graduation projects should be send before the August 15, 2016. 


1.      Application Form of the VI-th International  review-competition;

2.      Information about the author, graduation project and the project supervisor;

3.      A list of Nominates of International graduation project contest;

4.      Table 1. Requirements for the electronic version of the graduation projects.

5.      Program of the VI-th International Festival;

6.      History of the International Festival of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering Schools of Eurasia.