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Associate Professor of the FA, Doctor of Art History Galimjanova A.S. took part in the international scientific conference "Architectural heritage and modern society" at the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction on April 23-24, 2019 in Baku. She read the report "Alma-Ata vs Almaty: interaction of "new" and "old" in architecture", prepared jointly with the associated professor, Doctor of Architecture M.B. Glaudinova, within the framework of the scientific grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The Art of Sovereign Kazakhstan in the Context of National Identity". 




To be confident in life means to correctly assess the prospects of the expected future!  With such a postulate, Dr. John A. started his lecture "Prediction of the future" on 24.04.2019 at the FA KazGASA. Sweeney, Director of the Kazakh Research Institute for Prospective Forecasting. The lecture was held for students-architects of the IV year of specialization "Urban Development" within the framework of the lecture course "District Planning". During the lecture, the results of John's participation in real projects on future forecasting in different countries of the world were presented.


The lecture of architect Myrzakulov Telman


At the Architecture Department of KazGASA on the 12.04.19. the lecture was given by architect Telman Myrsakulov within the framework of the discipline "Architecture of Unique Buildings" on the topics: "Design experience of energy efficient houses ". Lectures aroused great interest and discussion among faculty students.


Lectures of specialists from the Department of urban studies


On April 11, 2019, a lecture by senior urban architects from Department of urban studies of JSC “Almaty Development Center” Ainur Zhubanova and Adiya Karsybek was held at the Faculty of Architecture of KazGASA on the theme “Creating a comfortable urban environment and preserving the uniqueness of Almaty”. The lecture was given in the framework of the discipline "Architecture of unique buildings" and caused a keen interest and discussion among the students of the faculty. Students were invited for generation of ideas to participate in the process of city and it's center creative development and preservation of Almaty unique image.




«Design of building structures using the LIRA-SAPR software package: version 2018» seminar at KazGASA


On May 16, 2018 «Design of building structures using the LIRA-SAPR software package: version 2018» seminar was held at KazGASA for teachers and students of the Academy as well as for members of the largest design companies – engineers and architects from Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz and another cities of Kazakhstan. 


During the opening of the seminar Prof. Gulnara Abdrassilova (KazGASA) and Irina Belova (Head of TOO «BITCOM Software», Almaty) had a welcoming speech.

Victor Gubchenko and Aleksey Melnikov, the leading engineers of ООО «LIRA Service» (Moscow) introduced to novelties of software package.


On May 17, 2018 participants of the seminar got an opportunity to take training on the workshops, organized by the companies «LIRA Service» and «BITCOM Software».


Cooperation of the KazGASA with «LIRA Service» and «BITCOM Software» for several years provides its effective results: teachers and students of the Academy are one of the first who get information; «LIRA Service» updates the existing set ACADEMIC set to the version of the current year as a sponsor to the university.


LIRA-SAPR version 2018, integrated into BIM, caused great interest among specialists: V.Gubchenko, A.Melnikov and I.Belova answered numerous questions of audience during breaks and after the seminar.





April 13, 2018 academic professors of the Faculty of Architecture KazGASA Abdrasilovа G.S. and Kozbagarova N.Z. attended a seminar on "Presentation of pilot projects of OMIR", which was held in Almaty in the building of the business center "Park View". At the seminar the following persons acted: Director of KazGBC Azimhan D. and accredited specialist on green construction of the Kazakhstani standard "OMIR". During the seminar, the students were acquainted with the architectural objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, certified through the OMIR standard, the basic rules and stages of certification. Director of the administration of the "A" business center "Park View" - the first object certified to the "OMIR" standard, Lukasz Skowronski acquainted with the individual landscape areas of the center.



The opening of the Republican student contest on BIM technologies


February 21, 2018 at the Faculty of Architecture was held the opening of the Republican student competition on BIM technologies, organized By the design Academy "KAZGOR". To participate in the competition invited students from 3rd to 5th year and graduate students of faculties of architecture, design and construction of engineering systems.

Representatives of the project organization told students that the purpose of the competition is to inform future professionals of the construction industry about the possibility of using BIM technologies. The study and application of BIM tools in order to increase competitiveness in the labour market upon graduation.


The Republican contest will be held under the motto


"Do not miss your chance! Prove you're the best!".





Department of Architecture of the International Educational Corporation plans to hold a review-competition for high-school students annually.


The review-competition for high-school students: "ARCHITECTURE PLANET-2018" will be held from February 1st to March 15th, 2018.

Theme: "House-ship"

Task: To construct orthogonal and axonometric projection of the developed architectural object using computer programs. An important aspect: the building should be imaged in the environment.

Terms of works submission: 1.02-15.03.2018.

Form of submission of competition materials:

1) Competitive work, printed on a sheet of A3 format (in color).

2) Information printed in Microsoft Word text editor (A4 sheet format, Times New Roman font 14pt, single spacing):

▪ Full name of the participant, photo, contact information (e-mail, phone numbers);

▪ Full name of the scientific leader, photo, contact information (e-mail, phone numbers), place of work, position;

▪ a summary of the performed work (abstract).

3) CD-ROM, content the electronic versions of the above materials: competitive work (“.jpg” format, resolution not less than 300 pixels), information about participants and abstract (“.doc” format).

As a result of the review-competition, the best works will be awarded with a certificate and exhibited on the IOC website.



Contact person of the contest: Dina A. Amandykova, Olga A. Knyazeva. Phone number: 8-702-786-41-73.



"Correspondence courses"


15th January 2018 at the Depurtment of Architecture of the University starts a set of "Correspondence courses" for students entering the specialty "Architecture" and "Design".

The goal is to prepare students to pass creative exams.


Student learning will be conducted via e-mail using the written types of assignments and lessons, as well as provides practical lessons (in school holidays).


Almaty, Ryskulbekov str., 28, corner of Musstafina str, below the neighborhood of the Orbita.

 Contacts: tel 309-61-81, mob. 8-702-786-41-73

The Responsible: Amandykova Dina Abilmajinovna, cand. architect assots. prof., DA.



Results of Republican annual student's International contest "Designing of the Multicomfortable House of ISOVER - 2017".


·         I degree diploma – Elfiya Khamzina, Graduate student of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets;

·         II degree diloma – Valeriya Chzhen, 5th year undergraduate student of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets;


·         III degree diploma – Temirkhan Shadybekov, Raykhan Seilova, 3rd year undergraduate students of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets.

The VI International Festival of Architectural-and-Construction and Design schools of Eurasia.

At the VI International Festival of Architectural-and-Construction and Design schools of Eurasia which took place on September 07-11, 2016 in Middle Eastern University in Lefkosia (Northern Cyprus) in the creative, benevolent atmosphere was developed an active discussion of 125 graduate diplomas and master theses on "Architecture"specialty, provided by 24 higher education institutions from 15 countries (the Russian Federation, Spain, Northern Cyprus, South Korea, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine, the Donetsk Republic, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan).

The system of evaluation criteria developed by staff of Department of Architecture allowed to determine the winner objectively by the number of the gained points. In the nomination "Urban planning" by 1st Diploma was executed the degree project on the subject "Reconstruction of the Residential District of Almaty" by Bekzat Abaybek (supervisor M.R. Izbassar).

In nomination “Architecture of Public and Residential Buildings” 1,2,3 degrees diplomas were awarded by in total 30 works. One of 5 diplomas of 1 degree was received by Vyacheslav Korobov who executed the project on the subject "Planetarium in Almaty" (supervisor D.S. Karpykova). The 2 degree Diploma noted Suleymen Merey's work on the subject "Multipurpose Housing Estate in Almaty city" (supervisor G.S.Abdrassilova), the 3 degree Diploma won Maria Tskhay 's project on the subject "Multipurpose Housing Estate of the Increased Number of Storeys" (supervisor Glaudinov B. A.).

In the nomination "Landscape Architecture" of the best was acknowledged the graduate work by Azhar Konkabayeva "The project of a forest park in Nauryzbay district of Almaty city" (supervisor Kozbagarova N. Zh.).

In the nomination "Magistracy" the 3 degree Diploma was won by Daniar Agniyazov's work "Architecture of the livestock entities in structure of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (supervisor G.S. Abdrassilova).


In general the Festival showed, how is necessary creative dialogue between architectural higher education institutions, once again showed the value of live exchange of opinions, an opportunity and efficiency of modern methods of communication (online assessment). The International Festival is the action helping educational institutions to move forward, perfect the techniques and to study each other. It is proved by constantly flared geography of participants of the Festival and high level of final works. We congratulate winners and wish creative achievements to present graduates!


The qualifying round of Republican Subject Olympiad on Specialty

On the 16th February 2017 at the Department of Architecture of Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering the qualifying round of Republican Subject Olympiad for students has passed. It is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the public figure, Doctor of Technical Sciences Askar A. Kulibaev.
More than 70 students from 3-4 courses take part in the qualifying round on directions «Architecture of residential and public buildings» and «Urban Planning», 16 of them won the prizes:

Specialization «Architecture of residential and public buildings» (3rd course)

I place - Gaukhar Baktybaeva, Arch 14-4 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets)
II place Alisher Khasanov, Arch 14-4 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets); Zhumazhan Darybayeva, Arch 14-4 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets)
III place - Gabit Duisekhan, Arch 14-2 (Scientific leader: Dina A. Amandykova); Aiym Akhmetzhanova, Arch 14-4 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets); Temirkhon Shadybekov, Arch 14-4 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets).

Specialization «Architecture of residential and public buildings» (4th course)

I place – Botagoz Shabdenova, Arch 13-4 (Scientific leader: Dinara S. Karpykova)
II place - Ibrahim Mustanov, Arch 13-5 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets)
III place - Dastan Abishev, Arch 13-1 (Scientific leader: Serik S. Rysbekov); Didar Temirgali, Arch 13-4 (Scientific leader: Oxana N. Priemets)

Specialization «Urban Planning» (4th course)

I place - Madiyar Duisengaliev, Arch 13-6 (Scientific leader: N.J. Kozbagarova)
II place - Zhaina Tolegen, Arch 13-8 (Scientific leader: O.A. Knyazeva)
III place - Aset Sergaliev, Arch 13-6 (Scientific leader: N.J. Kozbagarova); Khasen Zhasim, Arch 13-6 (Scientific leader: M.A. Srail).



The student scientific conference at the Faculty of Architecture.

Contest "Multi-Comfort House-2017"

On 6 March, the national stage of the international annual student contest "Multi-Comfort House-2017" organized by Saint-Gobain Construction Products Kazakhstan was held at the IEC (KazGASA). Among the participants of the competition there were 13 teams from Astana, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Almaty. Following the results of the contest, the winners were determined:
• I degree diploma – Elfiya Khamzina, Graduate student of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets;
• II degree diloma – Valeriya Chzhen, 5th year undergraduate student of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets;
• III degree diploma – Temirkhan Shadybekov, Raykhan Seilova, 3rd year undergraduate students of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets.
Projects in the nominations "Best presentation" and "Bold architectural decision" were awarded by honorable mentions and diplomas:
• Aida Dyussenbayeva, 5th year undergraduate student of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Natalya Tseitlina;
• Latif Baderdinov, 5th year undergraduate student of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets;
• Gaukhar Baktybayeva, Victoria Nigay, 3rd year undergraduate students of KazGASA, scientific supervisor Oksana Priemets.
Elfiya Khamzina will represent Kazakhstan on the International stage of the competition in Madrid, Spain from 31.05-02.06.2017.


On 27 February, 2017 at the Faculty of Architecture of KazGASA there was held student scientific conference, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Professor A. A. Kulibayev. The conference was held on four sections:

1. The architecture of Residential and Public Buildings

2. Urban planning

3. History and theory of architecture

4. Basic disciplines of the specialty Architecture


The total number of participants were more than 60 students.


Master class  

     On 24 February, 2017 at the Institute of Engineering and Information Technology of KBTU was held a workshop on energy-efficient construction and building energy-modeling. The workshop was held in two stages and consisted of lectures by experts, representatives of "Energy Efficient Systems and Technologies", E.Tesla and K.Popov and also included a discussion of the development of environmental and green building, LEED and BREEAM international certification systems. The event was attended by the professors and students of the Faculty of Architecture of KazGASA.


 Urban planning Forum 2016


      The 14th urban planning forum "Kazakhstan-2016" was held on December 6, 2016 in Almaty, it was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence. Within its activities the forum brought together city leaders: representatives of politics, business and science, working in different sectors of the planning, development and management of the development of urban areas.

     The exhibition-seminar was attended by representatives of the International Educational Corporation: Sikhimbayev S.D IEC President, Professor, teaching staff of the Architecture and Design Departments, students, undergraduates and doctoral of IEC.

     International experts have been invited to speak at the plenary sessions and open discussions in the framework of the business program. The speech on the seminar of IEC professor Kuandykov Kuat Abdygaparovich on issue "Modern trends in the development of agro-industrial architecture (foreign experience)" aroused great interest.

     Architects from all regions of the country in a special exhibition at the Friendship House  showed projects: general plans of modern cities; proposals for development of the capitals and others. Exposition of the Urban planning Forum exhibition was successfully complemented by course and diploma projects of IEC students, which was attracted interest from professionals and awarded diplomas.

   The meeting participants noted a number of important areas: a unique experience in the construction of Astana, reflecting the bold ideas of world architecture; Almaty development through the modernization of transport infrastructure, parks, creation of tourist zones; Smart City concept in the cities such Astana, Almaty and Shymkent; the development of a transnational program "New Silk Road" and others.

   According to Lyubov Nysanbayeva, President of Urban Planners Union of Kazakhstan, Honorary Professor of KLAACE "…a very strong adaptation and changes the principles, approaches to design takes place. An important question - how do we need to live in a new environment, how to develop a master plan which would be for the person who will be a user of the final product and feel comfortable in these cities."


       December 9, 2016, a group of architects of the Faculty of Architecture KazGASA took part in the opening ceremony of the Republican Competition of the best architectural works organized by the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan in honor of the 80th anniversary of the organization of the largest creative union. Republican Competition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the 1000 anniversary of the city of Almaty and the 55th anniversary of architectural education in Kazakhstan.

       The exhibition of competition works submitted about 182 projects and the realized works of modern Kazakh architects from 10 cities of Kazakhstan. The jury considered on conditions of competition 8 best graduation projects in 2015 - 2016 submitted from 8 of the most successful architecture schools in Kazakhstan. The degree project of student FA KazGASAMukyrovoy KS under the guidance of the Doctor of architecture Glaudinova B.A. received a Golden Diploma of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the best project "Agricultural Complex of Almaty." This is the best recognition of practicing architects high-quality training of young architects in the Kazakh Head Architecture and Construction Academy on the eve of the 25 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Dean FA Iskhodzhanova GR




 On 28 November 2016 was held International scientific-practical conference "Modern building science, the state and development prospects", dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the institute of JSC "KazNIISA" (Almaty). Representatives of JSC "Research Center Building" (Moscow, Russia), Kazakhstan State Expertise, design and construction firms in Kazakhstan, IOC (KazGASA), Technical University of Pennsylvania (USA), the Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture (Russia).


JSC "KazNIISA" is the lead agency of the working group for the implementation of BIM - technologies in the building industry in Kazakhstan, so the section of the conference "Information and Digital Technologies in Construction" has taken a large number of participants, including Iskhodzhanova G.R dean of Faculty of architecture, as a member of the working group. The conference discussed the current state of the regulatory framework in the field of information modeling. Participants heard presentations by the experience of using BIM - technologies in Kazakhstan and abroad, development of educational centers for the study of methods of information modeling.



On 4 October 2016 on the faculty of architecture of IEC there was  an opening presentation of the annual international student competition “ISOVER Multicomfortable house – 2016” organized by LLC “Saint Gobain Construction products Kazakhstan”.

Competition diploma projects in Novisibirsk


Dean of the Department of Architecture G.R. Iskhodzhanova and Assoc. Professor A.K. Tuyakaeva participated in the XXV International review-competition of final qualifying works on architecture and design of the Interregional Public Organization Promoting Architectural Education (MOOSAO), which was held at the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts (NGUADI) since 09.18.2016 to 25.09.2016.

About 750 diploma projects and master's theses of graduates took part in the competition. Architects and designers from more than 150 representatives of educational institutions of higher education from 53 subjects of the Russian Federation and foreign guests from Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and others took part in it.

Department of Architecture of KazGASA presented in accordance with a quota 17 graduation projects for bachelor’s degree program and 3 master's degree program theses. All projects  got top places (see table). Total amount of top places at the Department of Architecture

- master’s degree program: 1st place- 2 projects, 2nd place - 1 project.

- bachelor’s degree program: 1st place -2 projects, 2nd place - 13 projects, 3rd place -3 projects.

The professor of the Department of Architecture N.Zh. Kozbagarova got first place diploma for the textbook "Landscape Architecture in the competition for publication of scientific and methodical literature on architectural education.

During the competition master classes of leading architects-practitioners and architects –lecturers were attended, as well as taken part in the International Scientific Conference "Modern technologies and techniques in the architectural and artistic education", organized by MOOSAO and educational association of Russia high institutions in the field of architectural education (UMO).

Competition of final qualifying works is held annually in different cities and regions of Russia and CIS. MOOSAO selected Yekaterinburg as venue of the XXVI Competition in 2017, and the organizer of the competition – Ural State University of Architecture and Art (USUAA).

Photos from the competition



Full name

Head´s full name, academic degree, academic title

Diploma degree


Master course «Architecture»



Museumification of architectural monuments of Kazakhstan

Kadirova Payshan Samatovna


Tuyakaeva A.K.

Candidate of Architecture



Plyscraper-development prospects

Hikmatullin Eldar Bagratovich

Glaudinova M.B.

Doctor of Architecture



Bases of national identity revival in architecture of Kazakhstan

Kentugaev Aidos Zeinyllaevich


Glaudinov B.A.

Doctor of Architecture



The direction «Arcitecture of residential and public building»



Business center in Almaty

Omirbekov Аkzhan

Isskhodzhanova G. R. Candidate of Architecture



Planitarium in Almaty

Korobov Vladislav Evgenevich

Karpykova D.S.




The Museum of contemporary art in Almaty

Adilakyn Azamat Askhatuly

 Kim V.А., Member of the Kazakhstani Union of Architects



The multipurpose residential complex in the city of Almaty

Baizakova Aigerim Kenzhebaikyzy

Abdrasilova G.S.

Doctor of Architecture



The multipurpose residential complex in the city of Almaty

Suleimen Merei Nurlanuly

Abdrasilova G.S.

Doctor of Architecture



The art center in Almaty

Akhmetova Assel Tolegenovna

Glaudinova M.B.

Doctor of Architecture



Shopping center in Shymkent

Mufazalova Anastasiya

Glaudinova M.B.

Doctor of Architecture



Academic campus and dormitory for students of the university Nur-Mubarak in Al-Farabi avenue in Almaty

Shardarbekova Altynay Galymzhanovna

Glaudinova M.B.

Doctor of Architecture



Architectural university in Astana

Izmailov Vazhit Mazhitovich

Kim V.А., Member of the Kazakhstani Union of Architects



The Museum of  contemporary art in Almaty

Alzhanova Adel Bauyrzhankyzy

Baitenov E.M.

Doctor of Architecture



The Museum of  contemporary art in Almaty

Duisengaliyeva Aidana Talgatovna

Baitenov E.M.

Doctor of Architecture



Multifunctional transport  junction in Almaty

Kuanysh Islam Muratuly

Tuyakaeva A.K.

Candidate of Architecture



The direction «Town planing Arcitecture »



Reconstruction of the residential area in of Kapshagay

Kuralbek Arman Askaruly

Tuyakaeva A.K.

Candidate of Architecture



Architecture and landscape organization of the territory of the Bolshayа Almatinka river within the boundaries of streets Satpayev and Zhandosov

Sulaimanova Shakhnaz Azizzhanovna

Kozbagarova N.J.

Doctor of Architecture



Project of planning of the residential area along the street Timirjazeva in Almaty

Karipzhan Aigerim

Yesenov H. I.

Candidate of Architecture



Reconstruction of the residential area in of Almaty

Bralina Nazira Kairatkyzy

Sadvakasova G.K.

Candidate of Architecture



Agroindustrial complex a sports wellnes water complex on May day lakes

Zhakeyeva Madina Orazovna

Kuandykov K.A.



Photos from the competition







              This summer from 17.06.2016 to 28.06.2016, at FA of KazGASA was held International Student Seminar-workshop «Asian Rim International seminar / KazGASA, Almaty-city, Kazakhstan». The guests-participants of the event were 5 students and Pawinee Iamtrakul professor from Thammasat University (Bangkok, Thailand), 22 students and Nabuo Mishima professor from Saga University (Chungju city, Japan). From KazGASA it was involved 16 students: 9 students of DA (N.J. Kozbagarova and 7 students of DF, specialization: "Industrial Design" (L.T. Nurkusheva


G.S. Sadyrbaev chief architect of Almaty recommended the object known «Park graduates» for the workshop. According to the established conditions, all participants were divided into international teams. For the pre-project analysis team were transported to the site for visual assessment and photofixation. The professors made a video presentation on the theme: “The contextual basis of the urban landscape": "Contextual base Almaty cultural landscape"- N.J. Kozbagarova and «Conservation Research Activity for Cultural Dyversity»- Nabuo Michima.



Training "The system of lifelong education in Japan: Traditions and Innovations": On June 4-10, 2016, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

The academic professor of FA, doctor of architecture G.Abdrassilova took part in training "The system of lifelong education in Japan: Traditions and Innovations" in University of Tsukuba, Japan, within a group of professors of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan on June 4-10, 2016. Trainig participants have visited the Ministry of Education of Japan, schools, faculties, laboratories of universities. The lectures about features of all levels of an education system of Japan were given to the Kazakhstan tutors by leading professors, vice-rector, deans.

During the visit to Faculty of Architecture of University of Tsukuba professor G.Abdrassilova has discussed with the Japanese colleagues the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation in the area of the academic mobility and scientific projects.

The group of universities’s professors from Kazakhstan at the ceremony of awarding certificates of professional development at the University of Tsukuba

In the studium at the Faculty of Architecture


During Tokio tour






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