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Seminars, Conferences, Competitions

13.11.2017. 16.00. Room 434.  The conference on the theme  “Advancing skills towards professional excellence” was held among master students of KazGASA under the guidance of the associate professor  B.N.Akshalova.

The aim is systematic deepening of communicative competence within the framework of international standards of foreign language education on the basis of further development of skills and abilities of active language proficiency in the professional activity of the future specialists.


Honorable guest of the conference – Professor Patrick Low.





Subject Olympiadknowledge assessment


In 2016 several significant events are celebrated in our country. Among them, one of the significant events is undoubtedly the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence. Many events are dedicated to this historic event.

On November 18, 2016, in the college at KazGASA, an Olympiad on "Informatics", "Physics" and "Mathematics" among students of 1-year courses was held in order to develop interest in the subjects, as well as the upbringing of patriotism, humanism, moral and cultural values.

This Olympiad is a unique opportunity for 1 course to show their abilities, to check the level of knowledge in the disciplines, as well as to understand their interests and professional inclinations.

The event ended with the awarding ceremony. The winners of the Olympiad received diplomas.


The annual Olympiads that are held annually allow to conduct a qualitative selection of students at college, to help the students to make timely decisions about the choice of their profession and what is really important is to get a quality education at an affordable price.