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On May 16, 2018 «Design of building structures using the LIRA-SAPR software package: version 2018» seminar was held at KazGASA for teachers and students of the Academy as well as for members of the largest design companies – engineers and architects from Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz and another cities of Kazakhstan.

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IAAR (Independent agency for accredation and rating) 2018 by prize places

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Seminars, Conferences, Competitions


on the contest of schoolchildren’s projects

on general educational subjects


1. General Provisions

The contest of schoolchildren's projects "University start" (here in after referred to as the Contest) is an open contest of research, creative and practical projects of schoolchildren in mathematics, physics, computer science, languages, history of Kazakhstan and geography.

Students of secondary schools of the 9th and 11th grades (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums) can take part in the Contest. Projects can be performed individually or in groups of up to three people.

Organizers of the Contest: the Faculty of General Educational Disciplines and Lyceum at the Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy (KazGASA), the scientific center of the International Educational Corporation (IEC).


2. Purpose of the Competition

·  Identification of gifted students in general education schools showing interest in depth study of subjects;

·  Support of creative initiative of students;

·  Providing students with all-round support in personal development through their involvement in the implementation of scientific and educational projects with the active participation of teachers and scientists of KazGASA;

·  Development of students' understanding of the importance of scientific knowledge and practical preparation for the future specialty.


3. Types of Work Provide

The works submitted for the contest can be both with elements of research activity and with a practical focus. An indispensable condition is the independent nature of the work.

Types of projects accepted for the Contest:

1. Research projects that are the result of an independent study of the scientific problem, understanding and its solution.

2. Experimental (practical) projects, based on an experiment (practice), the methodology of which is known to science or developed by the author independently.

3. Software and technology projects, the result of which is the creation of information systems, databases, Internet resources, various types of software products.

4. Complex projects containing elements of two or three kinds (integration of several subjects).

To participate in the contest are not allowed:

·  work that is purely descriptive and abstract;

·  works written on the basis of one source, not containing a research or practical component;

·  work in which the fact of plagiarism is established.

The Contest participant has the right to independently formulate the theme and type of the project. Each participant must have a supervisor (one or more teachers).


4. Approximate subjects of the contest in the areas

The Contest is held in the following areas:

·  Mathematics: "Mathematical logic and its achievements". "Mysterious world of mathematics", "Mathematics in my future profession", "Mathematical modeling of the environment".

·  Physics: "Myths and Enigmas of the Environment", "Physics in Construction" and "Scientific Schools in Physics in Kazakhstan and Central Asia"

·  Informatics: "Building Intellectual Systems", "Information Management Basics", "Information Business", "Application of Information Technologies in Various Spheres", etc.

·  History of Kazakhstan: "Local history and history of independent Kazakhstan", "Domestic history in the period of independence", "Elimnіn Shezhirelі bailygy"

·  Languages and literature (Kazakh, Russian, English)

·  "The Earth is our common home", "My future profession" "Healthy lifestyle"

·  "The place where I live in", "My future profession", "Healthy way of life";

·  "Zher ana - ortak uyim", "Menіn Bolashāk mamandygym", "Salauatty omіr salty".

By decision of the jury, nominations can be singled out separately in two categories: 9th grade and 11th grade.


5. Terms and stages of the Contest

The Contest is held in two stages:

The first stage (correspondence): March 13 - April 13, 2018;

The second stage (full-time, final): April 2018. (the date will be announced later).

At the first stage, the acceptance of applications for works is taking place, at the second stage the selection of projects and full-time presentation of participants.


6. The order of project presentation

Works for the Contest are submitted until April 13, 2018 (at the following e-mail addresses).


7. Criteria for evaluation of works, the jury of the Contest

Evaluation of the work of the Contest is carried out by experts, taking into account the following criteria:

·  choice of the topic, justification of the relevance and setting of the problem;

·  research component of the project (scientific, originality, novelty);

·  practical component of the project (solution of the problem, contribution to the development of Kazakhstan science, economy, culture, etc.);

·  the structure corresponds to the content of the work, literacy and  design quality.


 For each of the criteria the project receives from 0 to 5 points, the points are summed up.

At the full-time stage of the Contest, the assessment of the report (the logic of the presentation, the     availability and quality of the presentation or other visual accompaniment) is added to the listed criteria - from 0 to 5 points.

To assess the work involved experts - leading teachers and staff of IEC.


8. Certificates, diplomas

All authors of projects admitted to the Contest, as well as their scientific supervisors receive a certificate of the participant.

Winners and prize-winners of the full-time stage receive diplomas, prizes and discounts for education


9. Rules of registration

The project is drawn up according to the following points:

• the name of the project;

• full name of the author (authors);

• phone, e-mail of the author;

• name and address of the school;

• the class in which the author is studying (authors);

• supervisor (name, phone, e-mail, position, educational institution, if different from the author);

• contact person (name, phone, e-mail), with whom it is better to solve organizational issues, in case of occurrence (author, supervisor, head of the school, etc.).

• the main text (content, pictures, graphics, tables, etc.);

• conclusion;

• list of used literature.

Font size 14, Times New Roman, indents and spacing at the discretion of the author.


10. Contacts

Coordinates of the organizing committee of the contest:

Dean's office of the Department of general training, reception of the Director of the Lyceum at KazGASA, 8 707 354 67 07,, 8 777 611 66 70,, 8 778 469 96 02,

kati-81-81@mail.Ru, 8 707 635 41 30

You can ask any questions at these addresses, as well as get additional advice.

Information about the contest will be published on the site of KazGASA.





13.11.2017. 16.00. Room 434.  The conference on the theme  “Advancing skills towards professional excellence” was held among master students of KazGASA under the guidance of the associate professor  B.N.Akshalova.

The aim is systematic deepening of communicative competence within the framework of international standards of foreign language education on the basis of further development of skills and abilities of active language proficiency in the professional activity of the future specialists.


Honorable guest of the conference – Professor Patrick Low.





Subject Olympiadknowledge assessment


In 2016 several significant events are celebrated in our country. Among them, one of the significant events is undoubtedly the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence. Many events are dedicated to this historic event.

On November 18, 2016, in the college at KazGASA, an Olympiad on "Informatics", "Physics" and "Mathematics" among students of 1-year courses was held in order to develop interest in the subjects, as well as the upbringing of patriotism, humanism, moral and cultural values.

This Olympiad is a unique opportunity for 1 course to show their abilities, to check the level of knowledge in the disciplines, as well as to understand their interests and professional inclinations.

The event ended with the awarding ceremony. The winners of the Olympiad received diplomas.


The annual Olympiads that are held annually allow to conduct a qualitative selection of students at college, to help the students to make timely decisions about the choice of their profession and what is really important is to get a quality education at an affordable price.