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 At the Faculty of Architecture 28.02.2018 in the discipline of "Regional planning" to students III and IV courses, master's lecture "problems of forecasting of territories", by a member of the Council of the customers and experts, honorary architect of the ROK, Director of LLP "GRADO" (the base practices of students of the specialty "planning") Mametov Harkinian Akhmetzhanovich.

During the lecture, the problems of forecasting in urban planning were revealed on specific examples of regional, regional and local levels.

                The forecast of development of territories of the whole country, Mangistau region and Shymkent agglomeration is given. At the end of the meeting Mametov A. A. answered numerous questions of the audience.



 Alexey Archakov’s author’s seminar

On September 22 at the Faculty of Architecture was held the author's seminar of Archakov Alexey, representative of the company "Saint-Gobain Construction Company Kazakhstan" from Moscow. The seminar was devoted to problems of acoustic comfort in public buildings, using the example of foreign and domestic experience. The students and teachers of the faculty displayed a keen interest, actively participating in the discussion. Participants of the seminar received certificates and practical experience in designing acoustic premises of schools, concert halls, cinemas, office premises

                  Welcome speech by the dean of the Faculty of architecture Galina Iskhodzhanova  to the seminar participants




Seminar participants


Lecture of Massimiliano Baque – the professor at the Italian University in Perugia "Università degli Studi di Perugi"

03.10.2017 at the Faculty of Architecture, a lecture was given by the professor of the Italian University in Perugia "Università degli Studi di Perugi" - architect, Masimiliano Baque, an expert in urban space redevelopment and research on the topics "Smart Cities" and "Urban design". Subject of the lecture: "Politics of smart cities: opportunities for sustainable development". Students and the faculty staff showed great interest, caused by the relevance of the topic and the opportunity to talk with an Italian colleague.

Reconstruction of the Universal Expo site in Milan

After the lecture, further plans for cooperation on academic mobility and scientific research in the field of urban studies were discussed.


Discussion of plans for further cooperation


Japanese architect Yuji Imayo visited, the Faculty of Architecture of KazGASA On April 21, 2017. Y. Imoyo is a student of Kisho Kurokawa the world-famous architect, the author of the master plan of Astana.

During the visit, Y. Imoyo met with the teaching staff of faculty, undergraduates and students of the FA.

The architect's lecture was held at a full house and ended with a conversation between the master and students.

Y.Imayo attended classes on architectural design, discussed with the teachers about the possibilities of further creative and scientific cooperation.





I International Innovation Forum

“Digital Kazakhstan: BIM-technologies in architecture and construction”

On 20, 21 of April 2017 the I International Innovation Forum on topic “Digital Kazakhstan: BIM-technologies in architecture and construction” organized by KAZGOR project company was held at KazNITU. Teaching staff and the students of the Faculty of Architecture have actively participated and were awarded with the certificates. The forum was attended by representatives of design companies, leading design in BIM technologies, as well as software companies from Kazakhstan and CIS countries. Plenary sessions, seminars, round tables on problems of BIM design took place.

I International Innovation Forum

Within the framework of the forum there was a competition for students, where our students became winners in the following categories:

The best poster about BIM:

1 place - Shadybekov Temirkhan, group Arch-14-4, scientific supervisor - Priemets O.N.;

2 place - Yankovsky Dmitry and Seitkuzhanov Gamal, group Arch-14-9, supervisor - Knyazeva O.A.;

3 place - Darybaeva Zhumazhan, group Arch-14-4, scientific supervisor - Priemets O.N;

3 place - Maxim Altynay, group Arch-14-4, scientific supervisor - Priemets O.N;

Best presentation about BIM:

3 place - Nigai Victoriya, group Arch-14-4, supervisor - Priemets O.N.

The winners were awarded with cash prizes, souvenirs and mini-traineeship in the project organization KAZGOR.


The poster about BIM by the student of the Arch 14-4 group, Shadybekov Temirkhan



·         Educational-methodical work is conducted according to the state, general educational standard, working curricula and work programs created on the basis of exemplary programs on the specialty of "Architecture".

·         Specialty of «Architecture»;

·         Levels: BSc (bachelor of science), Msc (master of science), PhD;

·         Forms of education: full-time education, short-term education, distance learning;

·         Directions of educational activity: «Architecture of Residential and Public buildings», «Urban Planning».

·         The educational-methodical work of the faculty is a complex of activities aimed to provision of the educational process with educational and methodological documentation, improvement of the instructors' pedagogical skills, improvement of the classroom and independent work of students, improvement all forms, types and methods of training.

·         The main goal of the educational and methodical work is to create conditions conducive to improving the efficiency and quality of the educational process, the preparation of highly professional, competitive specialists in the field of architecture.

·         Constantly functioning at the faculty educational and methodical cabinet creates conditions for in-depth study of subjects on the specialty of "Architecture" and the preparation of bachelors of science. The chairman of the faculty is the candidate of architecture, assistant professor, Priemets Oksana.

·         The level of methodological provision of the educational process corresponds to the requirements of the quality of training of specialists. The faculty is provided with 100% standard and technical programs, syllabuses and the EMCD (Educational-Methodical Complex of Disciplines).


Functions of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Faculty and the work of the Staff of Professors and Instructors.


·         • Programming of the projects of new training work plans for training courses;

·         • Development of the documentation necessary for the educational process, including educational and methodological complexes for disciplines, training areas, textbooks and manuals, lecture notes, assignments for course work, tutorials for course and diploma projects, models for their implementation; Methodical developments on the application of new information technologies in the educational process and other educational and methodological documents;

·         • Introduction to the educational process of the results of scientific and methodological research;

·         • Preparation of work programs for newly introduced disciplines, revision of existing programs;

·         • Development of methodological materials to control the knowledge of undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students;

·         • Follow-up visits to the classes: mutual visits to classes, participation in demonstration, open lessons at the faculty;

·         • Consolidation of mentors for young instructors, with the purpose of practicing methods of teaching and distribution of the time of the training session;

·         • Preparation of methodological support for independent work of students;

·         • Development of entrance examinations programs;

·                       • Communication with the Methodical Council of the Academy.

·         Each semester at the faculty methodical seminars and master classes are held, production workers are invited to transfer experience and introduce new progressive techniques.

·         The educational process is being constantly introduced to new pedagogical technologies and methods of training:

·         - interactive (game methods);

·         - modern computer programs are used to perform graphic works;

·         - means of activation, interest of students in creative and cognitive activities (competitions, exhibitions, olympiads, festivals, conferences, etc.) (reference to the relevant sections of the KazGASA website: "Olympiad", "Seminars, conferences, competitions").


The staff of the faculty conducts a large educational and methodical work on the specialty of "Architecture":

·         • Leading instructors of the faculty participate in the work of the EMS of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Educational and Methodical Section of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan), are the authors of the SCES (State Compulsory Education Standards);

·         • Participate in the organization of methodological support of tutorials, course and diploma projects;

·         • Develop test questions and assignments for all disciplines of the Working Curriculum for the specialty of "Architecture" for examinations, mid-term ratings, as well as for evaluation of university graduates, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science;

·         • Develop methodological maps for each discipline, taking into account scientific and methodological bibliography in the field of current modern technologies;

·         • Participate in the peer review of educational and methodological bibliography, in the organizing of the graduates' fair, the creation of innovative training programs at the level of international requirements, the search for venues for all types of practices with the involvement of the client's council and the expert commission under the IEC;

·         • Faculty instructors are the authors of textbooks and tutorial books recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


for the publication of educational and methodological literature

of the Faculty of Architecture for 2016-2017 academic year

Ф.И.О. автора


Уровень образования


Наименование издания

Объем    публ.

Срок издания


Козбагарова Н.Ж.

Остапенко И.И.

5B042000-Архитектура (Ландшафтная)


Ландшафтная архитектура

Уч.пос. Архитектурно-планировочная организация агротуризма

5 п.л.




Туякаева А.К.

5В042000 –«Архитектура»



ная реконструкция

Учебное пособие «Town planning reconstruction»


5 п.л.




Журкабаева А.Б.

Новикова Г.А.

Глаудинова М.Б.

Исабаев Г.А.


5В042000 – «Архитектура»



ная практика

Методические указания по прохождению производственной практики для студентов специальности 5В042000-«Архитектура» 1-3 курсов

2.5 п.л.

Февраль 2017


Избасар М.Р.

Рысбеков С.С.

Мухадиев А.М.



5В042000 – «Архитектура»


Производственная и проектно-преддипломная практика

Методические указания по прохождению проектно-преддипломной и преддипломной практик для студентов специальности 5В042000 – Архитектура» (всех специализаций) 4,5 курс

2.0 п.л.

Февраль 2017


Брылова Л.С.


5В042000 – «Архитектура»


Инженерное благоустройство и транспорт

«Вертикальная планировка и благоустройство городских территорий» МУ для СРС и СРСП по дисциплине «Инженерное благоустройство и транспорт»

3.0 п.л.




Кызылбаев Н.К.

1401000 «Строительство и эксплуатация зданий и сооружений».


Конструкции зданий и сооружений

Конспект лекций по дисциплине «Конструкции зданий и сооружений» для специальности 1401000 «Строительство и эксплуатация зданий и сооружений».

2,8 п.л.

Декабрь 2016



for the publication of electronic manuals for the 2016-2017 academic year



Уровень образования


Название работы



Срок выполнения


Козбагарова Н.Ж.

5В042000 - Архитектура


Ландшафтная архитектура

Ландшафтная архитектура

5,8 п.л.

Ноябрь 2016


Козбагарова Н.Ж.

5В042000 - Архитектура


Ландшафт сәулеті

Ландшафт сәулеті

5,7 п.л.

Ноябрь 2016


Исабаев Г. А., Атагулова Р. А.

5В042000 - Архитектура


Проектирование энергоэффек

тивных зданий

Проектирование энергоэффективных зданий

8,4 п.л.

Январь 2017



The main targets of academic and methodological work are: improvement of academic process organization, its intensification, increasing preparation efficiency of highly professional competitive specialists. The methodological Board of the Faculty manages and leads methodological work which is headed by the assistant to Professor Raushan A. Atagulova. Mutual visits of teachers from the Architecture Faculty to classes of colleagues are coordinated with a purpose of experience exchange and support for young teachers.

Function of Methodological Board of the Faculty and work performed by the teachers and professors:

• analysis and collecting pedagogical experience of the leading teachers of the Faculty, working our recommendations on implementation of new educational technologies, improvement of teaching methods of all classes types, using computers and other educational techniques, analysis of their efficiency;

• organization on mutual visits of lections and practical classes to show young teachers educational methods and scheduling class work time;

• discussion and recommendations on publishing academic materials and academic and methodological literature, worked out by teachers, and also materials on improvement independent student work, active handout materials, video presentations by class types;

• control on preparation and approving of work program, active handout materials, cards of methodical literature providing and other methodological issues of pedagogical activity of teachers and professor in the faculty;

• connection with the methodological Board of Academy.

Faculty team performs large scientific and teaching work:

• leading teachers of the Faculty participate in work of academic teaching section of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and are authors of the State Common Education Standards.

• Faculty’s teachers are authors of learning books and learning guidance recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan:

• participate in providing of teaching practices, course or diploma projecting;

• work out test questions and tasks on all disciplines of construction specialties for exams, middle ratings and also for attestation of graduates made by the Ministry of Education and Science;

• work out cards of methodological providing on each disciplines taking into account scientific and methodological literature regarding new state-of–art technologies;


• co-participate in review of academic and teaching literature, arranging graduates’ fair, creating innovation academic programs according to international requirements level, search places for all types of practices attracting Customers’ board and expert committee of KLAACE (International Educational Corporation).