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Anniversary in honor of 60 years!

Our distinguished colleague, to professor of KazGASA, a doctor of technical sciences, a prominent figure of education, Besimbaev Erik Turashovich, is 60 years old this year.

A significant part of the work Erik Turashovicha devoted to a noble cause - education of professionals for the industry and the construction of our country. People who have worked with him know Erik Turashovich as a hardworking, purposeful person with a strong character and active citizenship.

Erik Turashovich was born on November 22, 1958 in the village of Zhanaturmys of the Korday district of the Zhambyl region. After graduating from high school with honors, the young man entered the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute in 1976 at the General Technical Faculty, which he graduated in 1981 with a degree in civil engineering. After graduation, the young specialist began his career at one of the industrial enterprises of his native town, he worked as a foreman in the Kordai CCP of the Zhambyl region. In 1983, he began his teaching and scientific activities at the Karatau branch of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. In 1986, he passed a scientific internship in Moscow in the laboratory of the “Soil and Underground Structures” of the NIS Hydroproject named after S. Zhuk. The young scientist was asked to investigate the rheological and electrokinetic properties of soils. The first results of scientific research and experiments were highly appreciated by the luminaries of rheology. In 1989, Erik Turashovich enters the postgraduate school of the Moscow Institute of Computer Science named after Kuibyshev. During his postgraduate studies, he worked as an engineer at NIS Hydroproject, participated in the construction of earth dams and structures. In 1992, the young scientist graduated from postgraduate school and successfully defended his thesis. Scientific research and experiments, and lectures of famous scientists and participate in the construction an important objects of the national economy - all this is finally approved a young man who has devoted himself to science, the correct choice of the direction of life.

In 1992, with a diploma of Candidate of Technical Sciences, he returned to his native home Alma mater and continued his journey to science as dean of the Faculty of Economics.

In 1996 he moved to the post of associate professor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. It is here that the skills and abilities of Erik Turashovich are clearly manifested. In 2000-2003, being an adviser to the president of KazGASA, he showed social activity, organizational skills. In 2004-2006, he studied in doctoral studies, and in 2010 successfully defended his doctoral thesis. In the midst of work became dean of the Faculty of General construction honorably performs the duties of the executive secretary for educational and methodical activities of the Republican educational-methodical council of architectural and design disciplines at the MES RK.

In 2012–2016, he was transferred to the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev as head of the department, and then as Director of the Institute of Geology and Oil & Gas business.

Upon returning to the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Construction in 2016, Erik Turashovich becomes the first vice-rector of the KazGASA campus, and then the rector of the International Educational Corporation. Currently, Erik Turashovich is an academic professor at the faculty of general construction of KazGASA.

Work path of Erik Turashovich was difficult and interesting, he coped with official tasks with honor and dignity. Working for the benefit of society, working as a leader, Erik Turashovich proved himself as a scientist, teacher, educator.

Evidence of this is directly organized by Ye.T. Besimbaev republican, international scientific and practical conferences on various scientific topics. For example, the international scientific-practical conference "Reducing the seismic risk of buildings and structures of Almaty during strong earthquakes", 2007.; Central Asian Republican seminars "Transboundary Disaster Prevention in Central Asia" (with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany), 2008.; Annual Republican Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Student and Science. A look into the future ”, in 2016-2018, international student scientific and practical conference“ Science and innovative technologies ”, 2016-2018, in Kyrgyzstan.

E.T. Besimbaev is the author of more than 85 published scientific and methodical works, including 7 textbooks for building specialties and holds two patents. In addition, Erik Turashovich makes a great contribution to the development of the industry in the specialty construction. The head of the working group, the developer of state education standards for the specialties 5В072900 - “Construction” (bachelor’s degree), 6D072900 - “Construction” (PhD), a consultant for compilers of standard curricula and programs in these specialties, as an organizer and leader did a great job in shaping and the development of scientific  data.

Following modern requirements, he works to improve the level of students' knowledge and pays special attention to educational work, at the same time he is engaged in advanced training, using the experience of domestic and foreign colleagues (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and others country).

For fruitful work on preparation of qualified personnel in the field of construction and long-term work awarded breast signs "Honorary Builder of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2013.) "For contribution to the development of science," MES RK (2014). "For contribution to the development of KazNTU" (2014. ) and diplomas, letters of thanks. In 2015, he took part in the competition of the MES RK and was awarded the title "The best teacher of the university".

         Self-control, and other qualities Erik Turashovicha may serve as an example for all. Wonderful knowledge of ancient folk customs and traditions, the ability to use them in modern society is admirable, not many people know about his skillful riding, his passion for hunting with greyhounds dogs, about the excellent knowledge of the nature of his native land.

       Erik Turashovich together with his wife Orshagul are an exemplary family, brought up their daughters and a son. He treats the youth he teaches with fatherly care as he does to his children.

Erik Turashovich from the heart, Congratulations on your anniversary!

During career, you have made great strides. We are sure that you will still conquer many peaks. We wish you and your family good health, long life and further success in work, high achievements and prosperity!


From the team





Every year the University opens doors for students, their parents and everyone. And this year teachers FOS actively participated in the event "open doors Day", held within the walls of KazGASA from 13 November to 17 November 2017. Guests of the Academy were students not only in Almaty, but also from different parts of Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that some students arrived at the event with her parents and close relatives. Started the Day of open doors-registration students in the foyer of 1 floor of main building and escort them throughout the building.


The participants met representatives of all faculties, who told the students about learning about the occupations and professions in the Academy, as well as on the conditions of entry. The audience was interested in many questions concerning the organization of educational work, methods of realization of educational process and leisure of students, availability of dorms, and many other educational services that are provided to students at the University.





International activities. Faculty of General construction has extensive connections with many universities and companies of foreign countries, has an active creative relationship with industry and academic research institutions, organizations, companies, in particular: Kumokh Institute of Technology Seoul, with Professor Ki-Tac-Chang, NGO ARSRIstroydormash, ARSRIzemmash, CSRIC, MSCI (former MECI), OSACA (KECI), (PSACA), Dnepropetrovsk construction Institute, Volgograd Architecture and construction University, SibADI, MARI, KSUCTA, TashPI, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation (Head Chair Prof. Salakhitdinov A.T.), Tajik technical University, Department of PCMC of Penza regional center of innovative research, with the American company «Manual».

The faculty is actively involved in sports life of KLAACE. Traditionally, every year the competitions among veterans of universities in volleyball, chess tournaments, the Games among HETS are held. FGC Associate Professor Ospanov S.O. with the support of the Academy and the sports club of KLAACE organizes and hosts students dormitory contests and competitions among students in chess, weight lifting.

The faculty is actively involved in public life of the academy. At the party devoted to New Year 2010 team of faculty being responsible for organizing of evening held a theatrical performance that was liked by all the staff of the Academy. For the initiative and activity in conduction of the entire evening FGC faculty has been awarded by the President of the IEC.

Staff of the Faculty unanimously holds its "family" holidays commemorating birthdays and anniversaries. Mutual respect and support between team members creates a friendly atmosphere at the faculty and business environment. Staff of the Faculty of general construction invites high school graduates to attend our academy in the Open Days held regularly throughout the year. These days in Academy lobby you will be met by our best instructors who will tell you about the noble profession of the Builder and answer any questions you may have. You can ask our instructors about prospects of education in our department by an e-mail.



In the framework of the Erasmus programme in the University from 8 to 14 April 2018 arrived Professor at the Bialystok technical University Boltryk Mishal and Miedzianowski Czeslawa (Poland)


Performance of CSC team "Camisole from Armani" Team of KazGASA (OKL)


Dedication to Students


Beauty contest «Miss КазГАСА»


Наурыз, 2015г.

Bicycle race, 2015г.