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During the period of time from 2 to 5 of april 2018 in the College of KazGASA was held a selective state attestation on the subject of compliance with the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education.

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Attention to all!

Dear leaders, teachers and students of city schools!!! The lyceum at Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering announces a competition of child’s drawings on the asphalt "Day of Kazakhstan people’s unity". The competition will be held on April 28, 2018 at the lyceum at KazGASA. Applications for participation can be sent to the e-mail address of lyceum@kazgasa.kz until April 27, 2018. The address of the competition: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ryskulbekova str. 28.

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The main content of methodical work at the Faculty is to coordinate, control and analysis of methodical work of departments of the faculty for the improvement and continuous improvement of training of graduates in areas of training faculty.

Objectives of methodical work of faculty:

·         identifying the main areas of educational and methodical work of faculty and individual departments of the academic year;

·         developing common approaches and solutions to educational problems in the departments of the Faculty;

·         analysis of educational and methodical work of the department;

·         organization of the work plan of the faculty, in terms of methodical work;

·         control and coordination of educational and methodical work of the department;

·         study and analysis of teaching certain disciplines in the departments of the faculty, the quality of their methodological support;

·         prompt resolution of the current educational and methodical work at the Faculty;

Rakhimbayeva D.


·         reviewing manuscripts of textbooks and study guides, teaching materials and other materials of university and interdepartmental scale, drafting by departments and presenting them for publication;

·         organization of open sessions and follow-up visits at the Faculty;

·         study and compilation of best practices educational and methodical work of departments in other faculties of other educational institutions: the spread of this experience in the departments and others.

At the Faculty of Construction technology, infrastructure and management quality of training of students is ensured by the extensive use of modern methods of teaching and learning, as well as a variety of methods of evaluation of knowledge and skills. During the study, the following basic principles: credit, methodological advice, competence, qualification.

On the whole educational process at the Faculty shall be in accordance with state educational standards, considering it the minimum acceptable requirements and significantly advancing its own research, best practices in the field of activity of the future specialists.

At the faculty uses modern information technologies based on personal computers using software packages for different calculations for course and diploma projects.

All the departments are provided with syllabuses on the basis of them teachers drawn up work programs and the whole complex of teaching materials.


Organization of educational and methodical process is carried out within the credit and distance learning technologies.
Supervises and directs the methodological work Methodological Council of the Faculty, which since 2017 is headed by
Rakhimbayeva D.