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 On October 30, 2018, the shooting of the territory KazGASA with the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was executed. Students of 3 and 4 courses of specialty 5В071100- “Geodesy and Cartography” and the teaching staff of this direction took part in the shooting.  Shooting was carried out by the UAV of DJI Phantom 4 with the Canon camera. Height is filled in - 100 m. the shooting took only 15 minutes. For transformation it was executed coordinating of points by the GPS receiver of Leica. About 300 frames are received as a result. Initial processing of basic data is carried out in the Agisoft Photoscan program, further in the AutoCAD program. Results of this shooting will be used in writing the thesis of the student 4 courses Kemaladin A.




Opening of the architectural composition in the IEC

                 The first day of the new academic year in the IEC (KazGASA) was remembered by the inauguration of a small architectural composition dedicated to the profession of a surveyor.


The idea of creating a small architectural form belongs to the President of KazGASA Kusainov AA. The sketch of the composition was prepared by the professor of architecture Sakezhan AK, and was successfully realized by the sculptor and teacher of the IEC Sarbasov DS. (Fig. 1).


Fig.1 Small architectural form, dedicated to the profession of the surveyor


At the opening of the architectural composition, IEC leaders and architects, representatives of geodetic enterprises, eminent graduates of KazGASA, as well as teachers of FA and FCTIM, students of FCTIM participated (рис.2). The congratulatory speech was delivered by: President of the IEC Nesipbaev S.A., Chairman of the Union of Urban Developers Nysanbaeva L.V., Rector of the IEC Besimbayev E.T., Honorary Professor, architect Izbasar M.R., Chief Engineer of the State Enterprise "NKGF" Dzhazbaev A.T., Executive Director of "Geo Master A" LLP  Zhalilov L.L. and the teacher of KazNU. Al-Farabi Baidauletova G.K.

Fig.2 Heads and teachers of the IOC at the opening of the composition



More than a thousand specialists in the field of Geodesy have been trained in KazGASA since 1992. They successfully work in various fields of the national economy, starting with mapping and geodesic enterprises, ending with space research institutes (Fig. 3).

Описание: D:DesktopCADB1646.JPG

Fig.3 IEC teachers and graduates of KazGASA


The creation of a small architectural form dedicated to the surveyor emphasizes the great importance of the profession of a surveyor who works not only in architecture and construction, but also in mapping the country's territory, in land management and cadastre, in the creation of GIS technologies, as well as in space monitoring of the earth's surface, with the purpose of solving environmental problems.




Successful defenses of doctoral dissertations (PhD) 2018

Описание: E:докумы казгасаИНФЫ ДЛЯ САЙТАППС ФСТИМИсмаилова.jpg

 Ismailova Aiganym


"Best teachers" - professional results of FСTIM!

 Modern standards of education make high demands on the level of preparation of university students. The quality of students' knowledge and their ability to become competent specialists in the future is very important. Ever since Aristotle, the teacher and educator of Alexander the Great, such requirements as professionalism, moral purity, responsibility and aspiration for self-improvement, kindness remain. The opportunities for self-development and raising the level of professionalism in a modern teacher are more than enough. A modern teacher can not do without progressive methods of teaching, not sharing experience with colleagues. Teachers of our university are always open for new knowledge, they possess professional skills, technical training facilities, corresponding to the digital age. At us ideal teachers approach to business creatively, with interest develop the levels of possession of subjects, responsible for development of professional qualities.

Описание: E:докумы казгасаотчеты казгасагазета казгаса116421.jpeg

On the eve of the New 2018, at the Faculty of "Construction Technologies, Infrastructure and Management" was awarded the title of "Best Teacher of 2017" Zhumagulova Roza. The following teachers were awarded with "Thanksgiving Letters" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, in particular: c.t.s., Omirzhanova Zhanat, c.e.s., Daurbekova Saltanat, c.t.s., Shaltabayeva Saltanat, c.t.s., Ibraimbaeva Gulnaz.

We take an example from the best teachers!   




Sultanbekov Berdiyar

(gr. ПСМИК-15-1*).