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Кто из 13 участниц будет обладателем титула: "Мисс симпатий online"?
  • Аширбаева Айдана
  • Толек Мадина
  • Мырзалы Дамира
  • Жанаманова Нурсулу
  • Нигай Виктория
  • Нуркадилова Нуриля
  • Утегенова Лаура
  • Адильхан Камила
  • Ким Виктория
  • Церибова Нарса
  • Аймаганбетова Айгуль
  • Алпысбаева Мадина
  • Изимгалиева Аружан

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On the 8the of September, 2018 students of KazGASA college K(Arch)-18-1*, K(Arch)-18-4*, K(Arch)-18-5 as well as their advisers Karybaeva G.A., Kushkarov E.Sh.

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Within the framework of the delegation's visit of scientists from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (Hachinohe, Japan) to our academy headed by President Akira Hasegawa and Chairman of the Board of Directors Toshimichi Yanagiya is scheduled to organize a meeting in the ACH on June 18 at 10:00 and to hold a seminar on "Issues of geotechnical construction for large cities"

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Blog of dean





Aimagambetova Zaure Tulenovna

Сandidate of sciences in technique

Dean of the Faculty of General Training










Welcome to our site!


To get an education today is not only the performance of control and coursework and gaining knowledge of certain sciences, but this is certainly a solid foundation for continuing deeper education in higher education institutions in order to obtain the desired profession and good qualifications, but the building needs a stable frame and a beautiful facade, and no less important is the optimal comfort inside it.

We need different knowledge: about the properties of substances, technological processes, materials, the ability to calculate, measure, and rationally use resources.

Knowledge opens many doors on the path of life, enriches the inner world, perfects us. When we learn, we develop, become smarter, more experienced, climb up the stairs.

In order to ensure all this, not only the skills and professional competencies of all participants in the process, who possess the necessary tools for effective work, are necessary, but they must be provided with a sufficient level of support at the level of values, beliefs and creating a supportive environment for disclosing the personal potential of participants.

Becoming a student, you get a unique opportunity to touch science, to be a part of it, because an important, unique and prestigious part of student life is participation in social life of scientific societies, where opportunities are presented

·       communicating with interesting and intelligent people,

·       conducting individual and group research activities, speeches and publications, travel and new acquaintances,

·       participation in seminars, competitions, workshops, where you get theoretical knowledge and practical experience,

·       realizing their right to the creative development of the individual in accordance with the abilities and needs,

·       development of their own potential, manifestation of their creativity and search for themselves and the test of their forces,

·       testing of project management and their commercialization.

You can not only make student life interesting and find like-minded people, but also provide yourself with prospects for professional growth and set the trend for success in life


I wish to see all events and meetings as another opportunity to reveal your hidden potential, not based on past performance, but on the basis of future goals, because it is not only who you were or who you are who are important.

A student, an applicant, a student, a master student, you are our potential, our capital ...

If there are abilities and intentions to add new models and skills to their practice, ready for personal change and wanting to master the profession of the 3rd millennium