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To improve the efficiency, objectivity and quality of all educational technology processes of learning and knowledge assessment are separated. In order to control the quality of students' knowledge Office of the Register is established and it  reports directly to the Presidium.

KazGASA gives two weeks for examinations conducting. Scheduling of exams is responsibility of the Department of Distance Education and Testing and Computer Technology Center (DDET-CTC), the Registrar Office. Schedule is approved no later than 1 month prior to the examination session. During the session it is assumed to hold 2-4 comprehensive examinations for all specialties and preparation areas. The same disciplines are brought together in a comprehensive exam on the principle of homogeneity and affinity.

Evaluation of knowledge performance is carried out not only during the session, but also during the semester. All types of current and boundary control and appropriate assessment of students' knowledge (rating control) are conducted by instructor training four times during the year (on the 8th and 15th weeks of every semester) after lectures.

Rating control is carried out in the afternoon during the week. The results of the ranking are valued at 100 % scale for the past period (weeks) and are put to Examination and rating sheet.

Admission to the session is made up of the 1st and 2nd ratings and attendance.

Examinations are carried out within the time specified in academic calendars. A final inspection - examination is performed  for all subjects. The forms of the exam: computer testing, written examination, oral examination. Students are given the opportunity to select  exam language (Kazakh or Russian). The oral exam is held only by permission of the Vice -President in a limited amount of required justification. The exam is held in a complex, at the same time on 2- 3rd subjects that have a logical match. Examinations may be held at one or four disciplines. First-year students usually have exams in common flow.

Written or oral exam is conducted with separate tickets for each discipline. Question ticket should  be delivered clearly and concisely, assumed to causeway brief but informative answer. Responsibility for the organization and conducting of the examination Tests is taken by  the representative of the Registrar. Instructors of   integrated disciplines should present at the examination. Upon completion of the written examination OR representative encrypts and transmits the answers to the Test Committee, including leading instructor.

When setting the final exam grade for the discipline score obtained in the exam is accounted and a current points for the semester on the results of the first and second rating. Weight fractions in the final grade for the exam are the following: 60% are the results obtained in the exam and 40% of ongoing performance.

The exam results and final grades are posted near the dean’s offices no later than beginning of the next exam (for the final exam before the end of the session).

Students have the right to appeal within three days after the rating control; the Appeal Commission considers  it pursued the subject, the composition of which shall be approved by dean of the faculty.

Individuals who did not participate in the rating control for good reasons, are entitled to the individual passing rating control of the directions issued by the deans of the faculties (the director of the College).

For students in distance learning Midterm examination is carried out at the end of the theoretical course of the discipline once (P = RFA).

Students are admitted to the examination in a subject matter if they pass all laboratory, control, calculation and graphical, term papers and course projects. Students enrolled on full-time and part-time courses for a fee to be allowed to examination session with the full tuition of the current school period, in accordance with the contract for training.

In case of skipping exam (s) or all of the examination session by student with good reason (with confirmation of the circumstances by the relevant document) has the right to extend the terms of delivery of the examination session. Applications are submitted to the President by students personally tutoring. When you provide a medical certificate or confirming document application must be filed no later than three working days after the end of treatment. Before the end of the examination session, the student or his or her legal representative (parents, spouses, in failing to personal conversion) must report to RO of the reason of session missing.

Examination results are announced on the day of the exam. In case of examination on the subject matter in more than one study group announcement of results is allowed to the next day. Information on the performance can be found at:

Applications for appeal are personally served by students on the name of Registrar in the following terms:

• computer test or an oral exam - on day of the exam;

• written exam for the next three days after the exam.

Appeal held by appeal commission in oral form strictly by examination ticket or computer-based testing option.

Retake exam is not allowed.

Re-examination of disciplines (Retake) is organized during the winter and summer vacations for students:

• having the following examination session assessment "F" on 1-2 subjects;

• have a GPA that is not sufficient to move to the next course;

• Do not improve their knowledge of the language subjects at one level per semester;

• failed to comply with a program of professional practice evaluation or having "F" on the results of the examination session on practice;

• having more than 25% of missed classroom hours on the subject.