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BOLASHAK Scholarship


BOLASHAK is a scholarship of the President of the republic of Kazakhstan. Established in November, 1993 by the resolution of the President N.A. Nazarbayev, it fully funds the higher education abroad for the further application of the obtained experience for the benefit of the state. At present, scholarship recipients have the opportunity to study in the top 200 Higher Education Institutions of 23 countries. Bolashak scholarship is the guarantee of a successful career and professional fulfillment of its graduates. 74% of Bolashak scholars are willing to work in the government bodies.

At the present stage of scholarship implementation it focuses on Master's and Doctoral program, as well as the training of technical and medical specialists, which are the most sought-after in Kazakhstan.

General principles of the Bolashak program:

High level of applicants;

Maintaining a positive image of the program inside and outside of the country;

Competitive selection on the principles of openness and fairness;

Scholarship recipients are being sent to the best world universities.


Procedure for obtaining scholarship

To obtain a scholarship recipient must pass the competitive selection.

Requirements are simple – high cumulative Grade point average of the diploma or Certificate of Secondary Complete General Education, knowledge of state and foreign language. The first stage includes examination of all necessary documents and GPA etc. Next state and foreign language tests are held. The Kazakh language test is being held using Kaztest – TOEFL analogue. Upon successful completion of language testing the contestant passes the interview with university representatives, officials of the Ministry of Education and Science and psychologists.

The Republican Commission has the final decision about to whom Bolashak scholarships will be awarded to.

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